The rooms in our hotel are cosy and our service, personal. We do not promise you heavenly extravagance, neither do we boast luxury. One thing you can be sure of is a comfortable stay that will be easy on your pocket.

Rest assured, you'll have a Darjeeling experience as enduring as your favourite Beatles song.

For short stays you have a choice of John, Paul, George, Ringo and Brian. Being based on the Fab Four and the fifth Beatle, Brian Epstein, each room at REVOLVER is named after the five.

John, Paul & George: Rs.1200/- | Ringo: Rs.1000/- | Brian: Rs.800/- (w.e.f. September, 2012)

Home Stay
If you are in Darjeeling for more than a month, you can opt for Home Stay accommodation. We will provide you food and board at a rate that won't pinch your conscience nor cause heartburns for us.

Big group? Download our Floor Plan and plan your stay accordingly.