I've got to admit it's getting better
A little better all the time...

Getting Better, The Beatles

A trip is so much more than just good views, good shopping and good conversations.

Enhance your Revolver experience with our add-on services:

The magic of a tour to the Hills is often dampened by the mystery of local transport services. Sign up for a hassle free airport/railway station transfer to/from Darjeeling. Pick ups, drops and local sightseeing, we do it all.


Don't we all wish transport services ran at our convenience? Well, they don't, but, if you are leaving from or arriving to Siliguri (Bagdogra/NJP) at an odd hour, don't fret. Our homestay in Siliguri will take the 'odd' out from your transit hours.

*Available only with REVOLVER TRANSFERS. Features an A/C double bed room with a personal lounge and balcony,
10-minutes from Bagdogra airport.


While variety is the spice of life, sometimes you do wish for some uniformity, especially when on the road. Opt for our meal plans to rid yourself of the Mealtime Blues...