A holiday for some is essentially a break while for others it would be a time for activities. Well, we won’t make any exotic promises, but whether you decide to spend you days in bed or want to roam the countryside, we will oblige your whims.


Like many folks in Darjeeling, we have an affliction: an obsessive attachment to music and other  arts. And being the sharing kind, we thought we might as well spread the contagion, so,  many of the activities at our hotel and restaurant revolve around the arts and music, particularly The Beatles.


A/V Showcases
We love films and we let you feast on them at our restaurant on a HDTV coupled with a HD DVD player. With live concerts to TV Shows, documentaries and feature films at your picking, you’ll have a reason to lay back and gorge.

Rockband Nights
We play the music of The Beatles, but we do much more than that. You have a chance to perform along with the fab four in a virtual setting with a Sony Playstation 3 and The Beatles Rockband. Sing, strum or drum - take you pick.


And if The Beatles do not appeal to you much, don’t lose heart. You have a whole lot of other tracks to join in on Rock Band II.